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    Главная » 2017 » February » 21 » TCG - The Book of Fantasies (English)
    TCG - The Book of Fantasies (English)

    TCG - The Book of Fantasies

    Synopsis =


    Once upon a time, there lived a Writer.

    He wanted to create the greatest book in human history, but as hard as he tried, nothing worked out. The only person who still believed in the Writer was his little daughter Anna. However, one day the girl fell sick and died.

    The Writer’s world came crashing down. He locked himself in his country house and started writing down all the stories he used to tell his daughter. He worked like crazy, and the stories were becoming more and more realistic and scary with each line, as if the characters from the Writer’s fantasies were getting a will of their own.

    The Writer would not sleep or eat; he worked day and night and as the time went by, he felt increasingly horrified, but he was unable to stop.

    Finally, on a particularly dark and dreary night, the Writer started his final story…

    “The storm was raging, lightning illuminating a little house deep in the woods. A dark shadow was moving quietly among the trees. Finally, it appeared in front of the house and reached for the locked door.”

    The Writer put down his pen and froze, cold sweat running down his pale face. That was then the storm stopped and knocking broke the silence.

    Somebody knocked on the Writer’s door.


    Nobody saw the Writer ever since… or his last creation.


    Years went by, and now you got your hands on a few pages from the book. The pages had the power to bring the characters from the Writer’s fantasies into the reality. Now you have to collect all of the Writer’s fantasies to unveil the mystery of his last story. But remember: you are not the only one looking for it.


    Genre: trading card games




    Simultaneous moves

    Plan your attacks simultaneously with the enemy. Try to predict their actions. Watch your chosen strategies collide in the active phase of the battle.


    No price or mana

    You do not have the price of the card, no mana or resources. You can play any card you have on hand right away, regardless of its power.

    No face

    In the Book of Fantasies, there’s no face you are used to from other games in this genre. You are fighting the enemy’s cards, and your victory depends only on how many enemy cards you managed to destroy.


    - You have a total of 224 cards representing characters from the Book of Fantasies. Only one of each card is in existence, and each card has a unique skill.


    - Play using the four classes of the cards and their peculiar class features.


    - Choose one of the three factions to crash your opponents.

    Heroes – prevent the enemy from using their skills and have the Final Blow to finish them.

    Monsters – immobilize your opponents with fear and deliver devastating attacks.

    Nightmares – cast death and curses on your opponents to weaken their fighting power.


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