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Rules of the game
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The basic rules in"the Book of Fantasies"

Classes cards.

 Sign of the day - the Golden aura maybe once to absorb the damage from direct attacks of the enemy or his defenses. After that, the aura evaporate.

 Sign of the night - blue aura covers the card with a shield that blocks direct attacks from the force of the attack below five. But aura does not protect from damage from enemy defenses.

 Sign of the dawn - card with this symbol do not receive damage from the enemies defence.

 Sign sunset - before taking damage from direct enemy attacks, counterattack him with his defense.

Card specifications.

Phase actions - determines in what order the cards go in the active phase of the fight.

Attack - indicator of force of impact of your character.
- Completely absorbed by the "Golden aura" class cards "of the Day" aura then evaporate.

Defense - amount of damage that the enemy after you attack a direct attack.
- The Golden aura of class cards "of the Day" absorbs damage from defense, but after that evaporate.
- Not valid on card class "Dawn".
- Card class 'Sunset' strike the defense before taking damage from direct attacks.

Life - a measure of health.


The set of deck.

When you set the deck count phase action cards. The deck should be 6 cards: 1/2 phase 3/4 phase 5/6 phase 7/8 phase.

First hand.

Put it on four cards.

Counter lives.

An indicator of how many cards you still have to destroy the enemy to win. Each destroyed card reduces this figure by one.


In the beginning of the battle assigned to one of the players. At the end of each round goes to the opponent.
Luck influence who will go first, if you and your opponent have cards of the same phase of the action.


During the tactics phase, you must specify your card, what enemies to attack. One card the enemy can attack two of your cards. Card, which is not assigned to attack - passes.

Reset card.

If progress three rounds was not destroyed a single card, the field is cleared. Your opponent with the cards are discarded at the end of the deck, the lives counter is not changed.


To be successful attentively read the descriptions of character abilities, plan your attack and count the enemy's actions.

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